Re-Reunion in Oregon August 2017

“Reunions are to connect family…what happens afterwards is how relationships are built.” Jim Roths

Although our time together was brief…they shared with us a few feasts, we watched the full moon rise centered perfectly over the mountain, we practically danced in the (rare!) welcomed dessert rain, we got hooked on Aunt Juanitas Royal Rummy, built a few amazing desserts and Donna let me tag along a few estate sales!!

The intoxicating smell of lavender from his fresh cut bouquet just for me reminds me of how warmly we were welcomed and sweet family ties are strong; no matter the distance.


I was so impressed with the gorgeous feast that they prepared for us, it was beautiful and delicious and so filled with family joy… I wanted to take a picture of it; but I didn’t want to trivialize it either… I regret not taking a picture of the spread as I got to know how wonderful Jim was!! 😉

Royal Rummy is a mash up of many fun games! Anything with poker chips and kids is a hoot!!! Melody was the very proud winner!!

So much good food and wine 😉 I usually don’t take pictures of food (Kayla did this for me!) but it was hilarious how the YUM just kept on coming!!! Lemon Bars, good in their own right! Topped with Lemon Sorbet! When he broke out the whipped cream we were all like Wait, What??!! THEN he had them sprinkle lots of lavender sugar and our minds were blown… topped generously with the blueberries and the finished with fresh mint from the back yard… yeah. We liked it!!!!

We had a FABULOUS time at their phenomenal restaurant, Club Pioneer, in Prineville, OR!! Another great evening shared with friends and family!

Root beer floats in Cowboy Boots; what a hit!

Lovely lavender gifted from Jim… I think it was my first time having FRESH lavender… (Daisy photo cred!) 😉

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