Totality; The Great Solar Eclipse Lincoln, Oregon Aug 2017


No traffic, no crowds, no clouds!!!

What a beautiful day! So grateful!! #thepossibilitarians with Its Now Or Never With The Setzer’s

Doug has a way with words! I’d love to share his description and echo his sentiments. We had planned to be together this week way back in January… and then we had the good fortune to spend much of the summer off and on with them. The Setzer family feels like our family… and no matter of time, distance, sun or moon; we shall remain so.

From Doug:

Today we eclipse’d (with much of the rest of the country). We were lucky enough to plan to be in the path of totality and the weather gods shined on us. The build up of the solar eclipse with seeing the partial eclipse were quite awesome- but nothing prepared us for the jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring beauty of seeing the moon totally cover the sun.

The world went dark- unlike any moment before it and what you see is like a fire around the moon with the sun’s corona peeking around. In the (super uncrowded) campground, there were shouts, cheers, and squeals of excitement. A few tears flowed. It was wild. Much too soon, the diamond ring peaked out with brilliance. And just as quickly, daylight (and warmth!) returned and the moon started its retreat.

I’m so glad this life gives us the ability to travel 3,000 miles from where we used to live to experience this. I’m so glad we didn’t listen to the naysayers who told us that we’d have nothing but clouds and overcast being so close to the coast. I’m extremely thankful for Mandie’s cool head when we DID have clouds and overcast conditions this morning to tell me to wait it out and simmer down (like on cue- the eclipse started and the fog burned off).

I also love that we get to spend these memories with friends who are like family. We love you, #thepossibilitarians (even if I’ll never spell that hashtag right)!

I’ll never forget this photobombing of the sun by the moon. Eclipse 2017, you rocked.

(Photo credit to: Alisha Deschene’s husband!)

I need to start an Addicted to Totality Support Group! First two members; right here!


August 21, 2017

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