Summer with the Setzers 2017

So, an odd quirk that I have (among many!) is that I ‘hold on’ to some of the most amazing moments…. I savor them and let them roll around in my head and heart a while before I can begin to describe the feelings. Processing… In this delay, many things never get shared or I fear that I might miss something if I share it too soon… or somehow if I share it too fast I’ll lose it…

it’s like when you write an item on the shopping list; it is forgotten since it’s safe for your brain to let it go.

This summer has been one of the best summers of my life. So good; I’m still speechless.

Lots of joy and jokes, dirt and fire, laughs and cookie dough…

From Utah, Idaho, Washington and Oregon; backing up to Kentucky in March… we have had the best time weaving our summer travels and times together with The Setzer’s!

We covered mountains, waterfalls, tipis, tacos, ancient art, caves, arches, rivers, museums, canyons, tide pools, sunsets, restaurants, volcanoes, Walmart with Doug, and a solar eclipse…. all together!

It’s Now or Never for the Setzers has a whole new meaning, NOW for #thepossibilitarians

Love y’all! Lots! 💗

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