Fun in Florence, August 2017

Fun in Florence with friends!!! In old town us mom’s got to enjoy a terrific coffee shop while the kids went in quest of candy. We got to end the day with sand boarding into the sunset…a very smoky sunset but a sunset nonetheless! (Friend authored; Florence, OR)

This sweet town had the neatest idea within their Chamber of Commerce (tourism dept); building a charm bracelet. For a minimal cost you could buy a bracelet with the city ‘charm’ on it… then to encourage visiting the downtown shops… you could buy a charm from each shop to build your bracelet. The girls enjoyed everything about the process! We started at the top of the town and went through every coffee shop, toy store, card shop, ice cream, kite store, gift and jewelry shop… all the way down to the pier where we learned how to drop a crab pot and the locals enjoy the competition and camaraderie; as well as the Dungeness Crab!! My kind of fishing… you drop your ‘pot’ (crab cage?!) and come back later or even the next day to collect!

We swung through the Sweet farmers market to wrap up the shopping day!

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