Cathedral Trail, Prairie Creek Redwood State Park, Orick, California, September 2017

I feel a sacred seriousness when I’m among these trees; but I also feel like a Smurf!!


Look UP!

The trees are connected; WE are connected… also to the trees. The paths remind me of the web that we are all connected…

Tiny Cherry Lynn looks tinier in this tree stump!!! #whereischerrylynn

Fern as tall as we are!! He matches…

This is a young sequoia. So she learned that the coast Redwoods are the tallest living trees in the world; and the Sequoias are the biggest living trees….

Trying to show SCALE of these trees that can be 100 ft in circumference!!

Big Tree is big!!!

Little things: it was a total splurge for us to buy disposable cups… although the ‘logic’ side of me said ‘it’s a waste’ … the Momma side of me knew the girls would enjoy having ‘fancy’ cups as they call them… it’s the little things that lead to big smiles!!!

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