Colorful California September 2017

A colorful first day in California:

A RED sun through the Redwoods!

In our case, our trusty WHITE van squeaked (still crunched a mirror!) through a Redwood trunk… I don’t know why I was shocked that the wood was actually red!! I got a very close look as we had about an inch or less on each side as we drove through!

The beach had BLACK sand; salt and pepper… heavy on the pepper…

The water had a beautiful ORANGE glow from the suns reflection.

Our site has an indescribable haze from the smoke and ashes… I cried as we were near the Chetco fire and smoke billowing…

Chris and the girls…. always the LIGHT of my eye, no matter WHERE we are!! 💗


The girls are on the rocks; I was trying to catch the splash of a wave to capture their silhouette; still they look like mermaids if you squint your eyes right! 😉

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