San Francisco in September 2017

Now that we’ve decorated the RV, and glitter abounds…. I suppose I’m right on time to post about the rest of our September! 😜

We visited the de Young Museum and the Japanese Tea Garden with the Runyeon’s; they always double the fun!

Karen and Tom shared their beautiful space in Half Moon Bay on a Saturday and it was great to get to sit at her beach! Time with all the family was a sweet farewell to finish our time in San Francisco!


The de Young is fully clad in copper! One of my favorite exhibits even though I didn’t get any pictures of our favorite exhibit Maori Portraits Native Kings of New Zealand! It was incredible!

Views from the tower at the de Young.

George Washington; made of George Washington’s 😉

These two are adorable! Linda Sue and Ron!!

Thank you, Linda Sue for making our day and taking our pics!!!

Some beloved Chihuly in this glass art exhibit.

Food trucks and friends in historic places; even lunch was great!

Gangs (almost) all here! We traded Daisy for Alyssa for a day!!

Iconic bridge at the Japanese Tea Garden!

I just noticed; he skipped the shoes?!

These were big, begging fish!!

I really liked these stepping stones!

You know I love bamboo!

So scenic; like a manicured Dr Seuss land.

The original Boudin’s Sourdough!! Chris bought enough bread for a week!!


Karen in her haven of a home!!

Next stop; Lake Tahoe!!

Sneaking in this pic of me and Kathleen Connor Burne we left Tahoe! She gave us a list of great places to visit in SF!

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