First Day in San Francisco September 2017

In 2015, we celebrated Kayla’s birthday back in Tennessee with friends, a Thanksgiving style meal and surprise fireworks.

In 2016, we toured all over Washington DC, covering not only American history, but some of my personal history.

In 2017, we were directly across the beautiful country; our first day to explore San Francisco spent most of the day at the Fishermans Wharf.

Who knows where we will be next year!!


Across the country; but we took the scenic route… literally!

He was watching seals; I was watching him. đź’—

Fascinating jellyfish!!

Almost as long as she is tall!!

Funny story: I said quietly, “Hey, y’all! Look here!” and EVERY person at the touch pool snapped their head to look at me! It was funny!

How many carousel rides have we taken over the years??!

Pier 39; Alcatraz in the background.

We were accidentally on a portion of the famous Lombard street. The photo doesn’t capture the steep 45 degree angles (it felt). Zoom to see more of the distance!!

Trying to capture the angle.

[insert video] I was trying to capture the ‘beautiful chaos’… the constant fluid motion of each vessel… every one in their own direction yet all moved by the same forces at different times and places. Such is life.

Which one is left handed!? I also loved the store that everything was color changing by UV light… everything!! (Del Sol)

First I’ve seen the Chapman Stick played in person. I didn’t know of the droning pedal bag… it was great, of course we brought some music home. Maybe this instrument can fit in the RV??

Seals are in the sunshine; but my girls are my favorite sight!

Not our ship; but SOMEBODY’S ship is coming in! There were two different cruise ships docked also; a first sight for the girls!

My gang; how fast can the eight of us eat a bucket of 36 hot, mini donuts covered in sugar and cinnamon?! Really fast! It was a common scene:

1. Folks walk by.

2. Their noses flare as they are like a puppy, nose in the air to determine the yummy scent.

3. The donut shop was like a magnet as their brain figured out it was the donuts… their body drifted directly to the line reaching for their wallets.

That’s marketing!!

View from our tight RV site: The surf is out of sight; but not out of hearing! At night, we can leave the windows open because it’s beautiful and not only can we hear the pounding surf, I can FEEL the surf hitting; and I recognize exactly why there are multiple fences!! It’s so powerful.

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