San Francisco September 2017

Some favorite pictures of a peek at our week!

A new favorite of us on The Wharf.

I hung out in this neighborhood community garden overlooking the the girls plus Alyssa playing in the Seward Slides! Linda Sue took lovely photos and videos while I marveled at the view of the city with 49 Hills!

So, this is our shadow from a REFLECTION off of a building in Chinatown. We were just chilling at the Chinatown park… watching cards and hearing Mah Jong.

In Chinatown we tried dragonfruit smoothies, stopped at the Fortune Cookie Factory, wandered by the Mah Jong parlor, hung out in Chinatown park, met with the Runyeon’s for Dim Sum dinner.

[insert fortune cookie factory video]

I love the Art Deco of the San Francisco bridge!!

Cool machine called the ROAD ZIPPER; makes lanes change directions in a heartbeat!

Self portrait on San Francisco Bay!!! Chris had a favorite water bottle/growler that traveled many miles and was covered in the coolest stickers. He put it down around here so we could take pictures of the bridge; and I greatly regret not picking it up for him when I noticed it.

We didn’t know it was gone until we crossed the bridge to go into the Legion of Honor; and it’s so very sentimental, I insisted we go back to see if it’s still where he left it. I can’t help it, I’m a Possibilitarian! So another $15toll across the bridge… we were sorry to see it was already gone…

Isn’t it funny how that memory is so strongly tied to this bridge to me??

We have always loved! How great to get to hang out with them today!! After here, we followed our noses to Boudins Bakery!! The best sourdough ever; we ate in it for the rest of the week!!

Speaking of Tom and Karen; LOOK at this loving box of bounty they left on the doorstep for us!! 💗 I had an incredible omelet today!! Speaking of eats, did you know there is a beachside Taco Bell between SF and Half Moin Bay?? You can order and eat right in the beach watching the surfers and the sunset; it was great to be with family including Mel.

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