1 Second Everyday MAY 2018

This month we returned to Oklahoma City, OK for the third time in our journey! We enjoyed being practically in the parking lot of a Braums…  Starting with a storm, it was particularly refreshing rather than worrisome to us because we had an extremely dry year in the West; so this month started with a bang!

Marisa S caught up with us, and we played cards in the laundry room, grateful that we didn’t need to resort to one of the three storm shelters on site.  The next day we shopped for costumes, groceries (kids, can you say Whole Foods AND Trader Joes all in the same day?!).

Cherry Lynn and I took a day out together where we met up with the Gonzalez family at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.  It’s pretty vast, and I think I’d need three days to take it all in properly!  We will have to take everyone if we have a fourth time in OKC.

Back on the road, heading towards Missouri, we pulled into Liz C driveway to get in a few hugs, bubbles and donuts! Chris is such a champ at making our full rig fit is just the right place for these impromptu visits! We were on our way in about an hour; but the smiles last much longer!

The FTF Rally was the destination in Branson, MO.  But the best part about being there was being together with all of the people that I love!! Of course I love our FTF Family; but the Setzer’s we missed SOOOO MUCH and I promised myself that we will never be more than 3-4 hours away from them again!! Icing on the cake?? My MOM came and stayed the cabin right across from us!!  The kids had three homes that week!! Four if you count  the playground! 🙂  Mom and the girls took in some shows, we all took in some Lamberts!!  The Rally (Showbiz theme!) was EXTRA fun with a successful Kids Marketplace, classes, potlucks, game time, Irish dancing; and the main event was the Broadway Costume Party Dance! Chris even participated and ROCKED Willy Wonka! Campfires, music and Rumchatta… We had too much fun, catching up with old friends and making new ones!

Our next stop was to see Chris’ side of the family, and where we started ours. 🙂 Kansas City, MO.  It was nice to be able to go to the cousins game, take out Grandpa for his birthday, and meet up with our dear friends the Denkins at Kaleidescope! Jim A and his family hosted a fantastic barbeque night for all of us; it’s a favorite tradition!  We even made time to squeeze in a visit to the Harry S. Truman Library & Museum; which made our third Presidential Library this year.

From Kansas City we went to Warsaw, MO… I think the highlight there was relaxing after a jam packed month of doing! With some new friends, there was plenty of space for the girls to explore, build tipi’s and Ruby fashioned a functional bow!

Back on the road, we have a boondocking site in the middle of Mark Twain National Forest.  It’s nice and private all year, I’m sure; but late May was VERY hot to be without our AC! We must be wimps now! It’s a good thing it was only a night!

Next stop was to my Moms! But not before our first blowout on the way. It was bound to happen…   Melody and Chris went right to work and I held a golf umbrella for a tiny spot of shade for them to work!  Half an our later we were almost to my moms neighborhood in Mississippi! Our Branson visit was entirely too short; so here we will make up for lost time… as well as we will get Daisy back from California as she will be setting up camp here and working her well laid out plan!  More to come on that…



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