Perfect Timing; People and Places


Warsaw, MO We were scheduled to meet Chris’ friend at Truman Lakes so they could relive some old times. The nearest park was new to us and cheap enough.  When we arrived; much to our surprise, there were no utilities.  No water, no sewer, no electricity, and no internet/cell signal.

We debated roughing it; but Melody The Wise pointed out that we just weren’t prepared for a week of boon docking.

We backtracked to Internet and made a few phone calls.  Being in a lake destination area, on the first and busiest camping holiday week of the year, we feared pickings would be slim.  We found a park nearby that said, “…think I have one spot somewhere down there…come on.”

Deer Rest RV Park was the right kind of quaint.  We were right on the water, which we learned was a ‘slew’ and far from highway noise.  Perfect kayaking or canoeing water; and even better fishing waters… Nothing but nature in all directions; it was beautiful.

It was extra beautiful to us because it rescued us from the far too primitive site!! The owner stopped by to check on us and mentioned that she had been “saving one spot… but wasn’t sure why.”  It was definitely for our benefit as well as hers; as she mentioned a weekly rental was better for her than just a weekend rental.

Before the weekenders got there, we had nice visits with other travelers.  I’m struck by how much we all have in common and how much we can learn from our differences in experiences.  Some by choice; some by default; and some experiences have no fault at all.  I think the single most thing we DO all have in common is the power of reaction.  CHOICE.  Rebound, reinvent, or rehash.

Some folks are searching… for peace… for purpose… or for people.  Aren’t we all?

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